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Artcast/ Bristol

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19th- 22nd June: residency -open 10am-4pm daily
22nd June: 5pm-9pm open night, artist talks, live performance, screenings and final private view before work is displayed in the windows.

ARTCAST: 'Art is a Doing Thing'

Artists come out of their garrets for the Bristol leg of a collaborative exchange between rednile from Sunderland and Kangaroo Kourt from Bristol. A diagonal cut through the UK binds (North) East side and (South) West side.

This will be a rare experience for both artist and audience. Artists are being cast into an unfamiliar city with unfamiliar ways, and transplanting some from their own city.

We will be uploading a small Artcast before 8pm each day of the residency. To access our Artcasts go to:

The true panorama of creativity and the normally hidden artists' studio environment will be open to scrutiny. The activity will be filmed and viewed in both Sunderland and Bristol on completion of the project.
And you might be caught on camera- so make sure you do your hair!
So calling all agoraphobics, silver surfers, the footloose and the fancy-free. Zoom in and witness the unfolding art soap opera.

click here for more information about rednile

click here for more information about Kangaroo Kourt