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Archive 2011
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The end of 2011 saw the last of our ArtNoel shows.  This has been a great success over the last 4 years giving some 30 artists the opportunity to show their work.  It will be missed by all the many visitors that came back each year, always commenting on what a lovely part of the Christmas season it was and how welcome it was to be able to get beautiful and locally produced presents for family and friends.



At the end of 2011 we had a couple of other shows.
For two weeks Happenstance moved in creating a lovely homely environment. There was button creations from Karen, Mims sewing and quilts, Lyns silver jewellery spotty china from Dan and paintings from James. 



Charlie Boots


From February 2011 to August 2011
Windows 204 has been home to
Charlie Boots at 204

She has showcased a large number of artists designers and makers and it has been our privilege to host her.  Look out for Charlie Boots in other locations with her great energy and dedication to ethical and interesting items.

Artists and designers represented included:


Charlie Boots UK made womenswear and accessories from ethically sourced materials.

Katcha Bilek Designer/maker of Accessories and furniture from Lorry inner tubes, bicycle wheels and other ‘waste’.

Joanna Rose Tableware adorned with vintage and contemporary contrasting floral ceramic transfers. Each piece is completely unique.

Fairly Domestic Limited edition Fair Trade certified aprons and tea towels with bold graphic prints and humorous anecdotes.

Kirsty Kirkpatrick Jewellery made from found furniture, recycled materials, clock parts, scrap leather, broken jewellery and other overlooked and forgotten things.

Lowie  Inspired by the world’s rich mosaic of traditional handicrafts whose origins date back to the Middle Ages, Lowie re-interprets these time-honoured practices in a totally modern way. Hand-knitting, crochet, hand-embroidery and hand-stitching are incorporated into almost every piece.

Eka  Knitwear

Made in Auroville, India- a township developed in the 60’s as an experiment in human unity. The society is concerned with sustainable living and the future cultural, environmental, social and spiritual needs of mankind.

Products are hand-crafted and mostly organic.
Gilly, the owner, puts people and principles before profit.

Audrey Szabo

Lampshades and cushions using fabrics from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s

Ruth Oliver 

Bags and purses made from reclaimed curtains, tablecloths, old leather jackets.
Handmade by Ruth herself.

Verity Warne

Verity uses vintage and discarded fabrics to make one off pieces. Here you see her practical and cute ‘foldaway’ bags.

Deborah Weinreb

Deborah Weinreb is a professional photographer and practising artist.  She has been widely published, exhibits internationally, and her work is held in public and private collections. 

DE BO  makes lavender bags and cards by recycling material that are either small scraps from making other things or that have been previously used for cloths or commonly from calico used to make toile's .


Kristina makes clocks from vintage vinyl. These are done by hand in the shape of anything you desire- insects, animals, famous people- perhaps even your own silhouette!


Laura creates necklaces from leather scraps (plus some other recycled materials) from an ethical fashion upcycling label ‘Goodone’. A kind of double re-cycling!! The chains are sterling silver. Hand-crafted, every one is unique.

Ewan John

Ewan is an illustrator who creates interesting and quirky drawings which he then puts onto cards (made from recycled card) notebooks and fabric badges. 

Carol Vigurs and Martin Found 

They rehome the unloved from street-finds, skips, markets, charity and second hand shops - anything that 1) keeps it out of a skip 2) saves on the energy of making something brand new. Amongst their creations is fabulous decoupage furniture and jewellery made from bottle tops. A must see!

Emma Downer 

Lovely umbrella pockets that will stop the inside of your bag getting wet!

There has been ever changing art on the walls and Creative Workshops in:

 Garment making

Basic sewing skills

Cushion making

Bag making


Penny Jones


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