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Penny Jones
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Penny Jones


This piece from here to there in Bristol is a culmination of other moving pieces I have made. Starting first with walks I used to do which began by walking to paint. I then found other ways to record the walk, for example by drawing,  performance and planting flowers. The latter were documented using photography, some short videos and even a film was made of a performative walk. I suppose it was coming from documenting through video that led to making video the work.  I went on to video two boys on a walk:Cemaes Head 2009, a walking journey moving a large table:moving table 2010 and then a walking and bus journey with a dog and cat: o Drefdraeth i Dregroes 2010In 2009 I recorded a long journey on my 60th birthday by drawing on buses: from North Pembs to South Yorkshire to North Somerset.

from here to there was made in December 2010, my journey from home,  bringing by public transport the television set needed to show the piece, at Artspace Windows 204 Gloucester Road, Bristol.

January 2011


Rant - a video


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