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Re.Play Collective
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Open 204 winner announced!

Re.Play Collective
204 is excited to host a group show from Re. Play Collective, an artist led initiative based in Nottingham, which is made up of Rachel Eite, Matthew Hayes, Emma Kemp, Kate Lawrence and Kat Wojcik. 

Re.Play Collective intervene with urban and built environments, creating multi sensory terrains that investigate the architectural, virtual and psychological resonances of space.

Responding directly to site, Re.Play Collective develop large scale, site-specific interventions. Sculpture, sonic resonances, written observations and animated projections evolve and overlap, producing a playfully disorientating atmosphere, which is in a constant state of flux. Pre-existing locations become manipulated and transformed, allowing an audience to become immersed within a new and ephemeral landscape. 

The Open 204  will be open to the public from Saturday 1 November to Saturday 15 November with a Private View on Friday 31 October.

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