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Marcus Fitzgibbon

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Bishopston Hardwear is encased in a swirl of metallic lace. Everything here that should be soft is hard including the laquered black body. She is literally tethered to a base by her skirt – but she does have wings so she may yet escape. The somewhat fetishistic dress style both attracts and repels simultaneously in the way that bondage/S&M dress styles often do. In this mode the clothing and status of a person can be ambiguous and it is this I am trying to express here in a fairly obvious way. The beauty and suggested attainability of a woman who is both freed and bound by clothing, conventions and preconceptions. I like to think she’s seductive and spikey.

The stone carved Temple Blade is a ceremonial and totemic non-human icon. Derived from a mix of Christian and Moorish architectural forms it represents sacrifice through belief – both personal and collective. It’s not about religious violence or aggression but about the symbolic ritualised sacrifice we willingly undertake in the name of either a god or a state.

Also in Bath stone Gnomon for wasting time is the centrepiece of an imaginary sundial for lovers. It is intended to be tactile and fluid and cast an indistinct shadow in no particular place.