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Susan Crozier

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12th- 25th Januaryy 2009

Susan Crozier is an artist whose work spans and combines a multitude of creative expressions. The focus of her work is the beauty of the creative experience.

Susan will be travelling from Newcastle to use the space at windows 204 to create a mixed media, time based installation exploring the ideas of re-generation and transformation.


‘As an artist I strive to create a spark of inspiration within the viewer and help them to realise and contemplate their own creative potential. I want people to feel involved and included in the art work I produce because ultimately the viewer is the most important part of the piece.’


Susan will be in situe, installing her work the week of the 12th January allowing viewers to witness and engage with this process of creative transformation as it happens. The ongoing process of creation and the creative experience is at the forefront of Susan’s practice. The installation will be a spontaneous act of making and witnessing creativity.


‘My aim is to provide the opportunity for people to open up to the creative process of which we are all part. Art is not elitist, it is for everyone.’

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