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Lulu Allison

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Lulu Allison
14th September to 27th September 2008


The work is constructed in layers of cut newspaper creating a staging of the scene that refers to the flats of scenery or the layers of pop-up children's story books. The news stories that live as pictures and text on the paper are cut and recombined in random and deliberate ways to make new stories. The staging of paintings, particularly court paintings was partly a strategy aimed at creating places in history. The presence of a person or story in a paper may confer the same duration in history or the story may simply become todays trash. It may be a question of value. What underlies the extreme value of a Velazquez painting or the political upheaval of societies told in newsprint, or the display of private lives of princesses and symbolic people is the mundane or extraordinary stories of people's lives. People who become representations, they become the story more than they are themselves.

Lulu Allison lives and works in Brighton. Her work predominantly deals with temporary sculptures in the form of tents and newspaper installations. She also works in photograph and print. Her work has recently been included in the Folkestone Triennial Fringe and What the F*** Is Happening Now? An event of live and time based art.

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