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Eleanor Whittles

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14th July to 2nd August 2008
Eleanor Whittles

The starting point for my work is an interest in paper and how it can transform a space, escaping from the restrictions of its original two dimensional state. Using paper as my medium, I explore the passage of time and the physical way we experience this - through natural seasons and rhythms such as the changing of light throughout the day and year.

This work for Windows 204 uses tree silhouettes to ‘capture’ and view light as it moves across the cut-outs throughout the day. The silhouettes are cut by hand, and the long space of time it takes to do this reflects the imperceptible progress of natural rhythms and cycles - making the pieces becomes a daily routine.

The installation is site specific, made with the shop windows’ position and exposure to light in mind. The coloured papers behind each silhouette react differently when seen in varying light conditions so that some will be more noticeable at certain times of day while others remain constant.