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Polly Cruse

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Polly Cruse

4th May to 24th May 2008


I am interested in the way that when customising our private space to create a unique and personal haven we randomly arrange objects, creating combinations that are often humorous or poetic. In my work found objects and ornaments are employed as a substitute for personal identity as they exemplify the means by which we satisfy our need for creativity and individuality in our hum drum lives.
My work involves re-constructing and re-contextualising familiar, everyday items into hybrid sculptural forms. These objects are further distanced from their origins by taking them into the rural and urban landscape to photograph. The locations for my photographs are not always pre-determined, and this process often necessitates transporting the structures around the countryside and experimenting to achieve the desired element of displacement through siting the object in a totally unrelated environment.
The photographic images have the intention of capturing moments of dreamt freedom whilst using humour to communicate with the viewer and engage with their own imagination.