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Lucy Lindner

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The Movement Series
Lucy Lindner

In her latest series of paintings, visual artist Lucy Lindner investigates the way in which we try to visually record time.

Using photographs as their reference point, the images may at first appear as instantaneous snap shots. Yet when we see them in their true nature as oil paintings, it becomes apparent that they have a time span of their own with far greater depth than that of their original source.

We see a dancer captured mid performance. Sometimes the figure is clearly visible, sometimes we can only make out an eye or a hand. The stillness of the figures makes them appear strangely silent enhancing the feeling of being somehow trapped in time. They are a peculiar - perhaps uncomfortable - mix of beauty and distortion with almost ghostlike features.

Featured at Windows 204 are two paintings taken from the total collection of 12.

To see the full collection, or for further enquiries, please visit the artist's website.