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30th September to 26th October 2007

Lucy Axon and Kirsten Powell


Lucy Axon and Kirsten Powell took some time out during the summer of 2007 and went to Larnaca for the Cyprus College of Art Summer Studio. They both embraced this opportunity to devote time to developing their art practice. These works are from a selection created whilst there.

Lucy was so inspired by people and surroundings that she had the most intense month of creating that she has ever had! She spent most of her time drawing people on the beach and various scenes around the seafront. She took all of the drawings that were done in situ back to the studio and made paintings inspired from the drawings.

Kirsten's interest lay in the way that people discard their shoes on the beach. Taking the idea that every shoe can tell a story she began a series of incidental still lifes, using the shoes as subject matter.