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Nora Adwan

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a photographic series by Nora Adwan

1st September to 25th September 2007

Nora Adwan has created objects for her photographs, which appear to be stylized human forms. Lamp shades form glass heads with round openings like straining open mouths. The small porcelain ears could complete the image, but the heads are missing their eyes. Transparent tubes reference the torso. Dark hair, which should be outside, has grown inwards into the glass spheres, where it is more suggested than really seen. Daylight breaks over the ornamental surface of the lamp glass's curves and corners. The surface of the spheres is structured so that the inward gaze is limited causing the outer and inner to melt together.

The work can be understood as a reflection of the human senses, central to which is seeing, but a sight that can't penetrate and understand what is seen. It leaves open questions because by its nature the human eye is limited in its faculties. A person cannot understand the world through looking alone

text from 'Apparent translucencies' written by Jana Kühn

Nora Adwan lives and works in Berlin. She makes work which combines sculpture with lens based media and performance. Much of her work is concerned with events occurring in domestic spaces and combines as material, common pre-existing products with carefully handcrafted objects and processes.