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Rachel Pearcey

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Rachel Pearcey

4th to 31st August

My work is drawing. It is about making marks on paper. The sound of the marks being created: the rhythmic strokes, scratches, scrapes, the voluptuous swoosh, the deliberate l.i.n.e. : the mark, the feel of the mark and the sound of the mark.

My work is almost always influenced by my lurcher Bobbie but mainly by Nature and what I consider 'the drawings' in nature - twigs, grasses, leaves - and how to translate this infinite variety of marks and patterns in the landscape into 'marks on paper'. I do not want to reproduce the world around me, nor do I want to paint abstract landscapes. But I do want to put down what I feel. I try and draw the things I like in a way that reflects both what I like about those things and how I see them.

Everything I draw is a part of me, of my memory, it is all within me, but it has all been digested, mulled over, forgotten and remembered. The reduction of form and life to very singular marks on a page.

Making marks on paper creates spaces: Robert Motherwell said '..... drawing is essentially a division of space'. Around each of the marks is a space, this space defines the marks, makes them marks. The marks delineate the spaces. So the spaces are as important as the marks/non-spaces.

I think marks are very interesting.