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Lucy Axon

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Lucy Axon
8th April - 5th May 2007

Local artist Lucy Axon shows a collection of photographs of redundant shops. The work can be seen all day, every day through the windows of up-and-coming artspace 'Windows 204' at 204 Gloucester Road, Bishopston between 8th April and 5th May.

This piece is inspired by the space that Windows 204 occupies. The work consists of a series of photographs of shop fronts. At first glance it looks like most of the shops are just dilapidated, but on a closer look you can see that all of the shops are in fact empty or no longer used as they were intended.

Lucy Axon is an artist who has been living and working in Bristol for the past six years. Her most recent work explores collections and communication. Lucy's work usually evolves from a specific site or is inspired by the people using a certain place.