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The Art Space Windows 204 is no longer running 

We had a great run, operating for over 5 years and showing well over 100 artists, local, national and international, either with single person representations in the windows or in the space, or through other events like 'ArtNoel" our Christmas shop plus many other events, workshops and happenings.   

Over the years Windows204 helped to stimulate ideas in a diverse range of people.  It was a very popular distraction with young and old alike, who often stopped to view what was on show, and read the artist statement so they could engage with the ideas being presented more fully.  

A bit of history;  When Windows 204 began in 2006 there were almost no alternative art spaces in Bristol.  Now in 2012 Bristol has exploded with visible creativity, this has increased how exciting it is to live and work in Bristol and has also given Bristol an international reputation.  All this is partly due to Bristol City Council having a rates policy that helped to make this possible.  I take this opportunity to thank BCC for making Windows204 possible, and in that way thank them for their support of the MANY people that they have helped to inspire and progress.  I also now solemnly hope that BCC do not stop this support as it will help to keep Bristol a vibrant creative city even with the biting recession that we are all living with.  Artists more than any other group create wonderful things with almost nothing.  All we ask is NOT to be charged for this service which makes good use of, and looks after, under used or completely empty buildings while bringing life and soul to our streets and to our lives.  Artists make a city exciting and help to build a strong and engaging future - we ALL need that right now more than ever.

Windows 204 is (now was) a space for contemporary art 

at 204 Gloucester road in Bristol. 

Windows 204 has established itself as an exciting venue for contemporary art in Bristol.  Over the last five years we have seen work by a selection of artists and creatives showing a diverse range of work at a consistently high standard. 

Our aim is to bring art to all members of the community through display in the windows, and by using the space, to have a continuing dialogue with the public about what art can be.


This was out last event; On January 2012 Local Film maker Carol Stevens showed her short film Lantern Lane.  This was accompanied by photographic representations and stills photography by Deborah Weinreb, and further documentation by Conway and Young

In all the evening showed work that had involved a great many people, not all artists, had a diverse audience from very local to quite far away and focused on subjects of history, unity and creativity.  It was a great success and a fitting way for the art space to finish.


The director Deborah Weinreb, would especially like to thank Kirsten Clark, who's invaluable contributions to the space helped to establish it. Kirsten went on to organise the Broadwalk Arts Space in Knowle. 
Deborah would also like to thank Lucy Drain who stepped in after Kirsten and added her own intelligence, vision and energy to the space and direction of 204.