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C.V. (Kirsten Powell)

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2005 to 2006: PGCE Secondary Art and Design, BSU, Bath
2001 to 2004: BA (hons) Fine Art in Context, UWE Bristol


As if one wasn't enough, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, February-April 2007

Hayvend, Artist vending machines, 2007

Little and Lots, The Here Gallery, Bristol, December 2006

Off The Shelf, The Saltburn Gallery, Teesside, November/ December 2006

Through the window, Gloucester rd, Bristol, November/ December 2006

Playtime, Network AD, Candid Arts Trust, London, November 2006

Post it, The Atkinson gallery, September 2006

Yesterday, Today, Forever, Hereford, August/September 2006

Southbank Arts Trail, Bristol, May 2006

Hayvend, Artists vending machines, 2005/2006

The Art of Words, Fairfields Arts Centre, Basingstoke, October 2005

All that was solid has turned to air, Islington Arts Factory, London, September 2005

Contexture, Network AD, Candid Arts Trust, London, September 2005

Southbank Arts Trail, Bristol, May 2005

The Art of Love, Oxo Tower Wharf, London, February 2005

UWE Fine Arts Degree Show, Bristol, June 2004

Bath Fringe Festival (visual arts), Bath, June 2004

The Bishops Tipple, Bar liquid, Bristol, May 2004

Southbank Arts Trail, Bristol, May 2004

Unofficial Tate Tour (Q4C), London, March 2004

Light, The Aurora, Bristol, March 2004

People who live in glass houses, Welshback, Bristol, February 2004

Have your cake and eat it, Bristol, February 2004

Detour, Leigh Woods, Bristol, Summer 2003