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Maria Alejandra Lujan Escalante
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Total Immersion



You step inside the computer. You are in control. You choose the view, the sound and the information. You meet face to face the system that connects us all together: She talks to you while knitting your commands, your space. The communication is established; it is the loop between her words and your movements, her pleas, your will. You keep on changing what she says until you untie her humanity, uncover her deep, dark and stupid secrets. But in the intimacy of her private room you are powerless. It is a game of her flesh against your control.







Total Immersion is to and for Sebastian, my boost and will.


And many thanks to Michelle Henning, Patrick Crogan, Seth Giddens and CMS UWE for its support. Also to Deborah Weinreb for digging in again and for opening the Windows, and Doors! To Phil Greaves for his infinite patience and to Ruth, Lee and Mark for making it happen.


Very dearly thanks to Govinda Dickman for all the inputs and outputs, to Alvaro Gonzales to appear there and to be here. To Caroline Pringle and Elachia Gutierrez for the seagull love and home comfort, without it all would be impossible!! To El Maestro Juan Gabriel Gutierrez for his kaleidoscopic music collaboration. To Jessica Robins for her camera girl directions. And to Ricardo, Michi, Nadia, Patricjia and Dario for jumping around with me and specially to Giulia for her both hands and her big heart!


showing the weekend of the 19th June 2009