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Jezella Garner
31st May – 14th June 2009


Installation contents - furniture, piano keys, toys, buttons, wool, cotton threads, pencils, nic-nacs.

Fastening pieces, parts and limbs throughout; 'Buckle' has nestled itself within windows 204.
The installation induces memories of home, filtering through a fairy tale twist. Buttons, discarded threads, old glitz and wool are tucked into the gaps and seams. Effectively softening the site.
Furniture, piano keys and other wooden components lean precariously against the wall. This suggests fragility - a threat to crumble/buckle under the anonymous tension enveloping it.
Often found propping up, packing themselves into tricky and unlikely spaces lie the inside out toys. Visually, they reveal the 'hand made' "human' element whilst actively losing the appeal of their original 'starry eyed cute gaze' gaining an intense and direct stare toward the viewer, demanding attention.

Jezella uses drawing as a pivot tor many projects, enabling a technical sensibiltiy that supplements the sculptural aspect for previous works and propels future works. ’Average contents’ - a piece made to fit into several parts of the building, consists of a series of collected drawers, fabrics and nic nacks. This approach to the site lends itself to the edifice of a space. Such sculptural/installation works act as intrinsic counterparts to the site; softening structures, fragments of the home convene. Compositions borrowed from fairy tales and photo albums.

Jezella is a recent BA Hons Fine Art graduate from Oxford Brookes University.