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Samuel Hasler

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Ephemeral Memorial.
Samuel Hasler with Beth Greenhalgh.


23rd November from 6pm to midnight

(Live art event)

In the mean time the heavens open and there's a set of events unfolding. Like a massive road map the vastness and complexity is bewildering.

World war two sits colossal and almost dead like a mountain on the landscape. Increasingly a tourist attraction, visitor numbers increasing exponentially. And its shadow looms over the earth. The same earth where William Burroughs tapped his fingers. The same earth, electrically lit, where we buried Elvis. And now as the shadow is about to pass us we see the mountain growing, keeping us in the dark. The event becoming less attainable. I nod and she nods. That's because we have agreed to keep it in the air between us. A space game. The shadow metaphorically recreated, and hanging in mid air. It's raining.

24th November 12noon to 6pm.

Windows204 is open to the public to see objects and images. Feel free to come in for informal discussion.