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Zoe Williams

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Zoe Williams

6th to 28th July 2007


ZoŽ's practice is partly concerned with exploring the psychologies of ritual, obsession and play. She is interested in creating self-referential 'systems' within her work, by repeating imagery and reusing certain objects and materials, to create the illusion of a symbolic language. Often the work has a sense of fragmentation, as if there has been an explosion where many whole forms have been dismembered and confused. Symmetry is used as an energy giving tool in which to draw fragmented parts together yet by doing this it partly destroys or distorts them. The destructive nature of reflection and symmetry is something she finds very pertinent to her practice both visually and conceptually.

The title 'Cabinet' is intended to conjure up notions of display, referencing in particular the outmoded idea of a 'cabinet of curiosities'. These forerunners of museums were an attempt to showcase and classify what were once perceived as natural and man made oddities. The relationship between the objects and the information behind them was often a strange mixture of fact and fiction, partly perhaps due to the lack of scientific knowledge of the times.
The fact that the context of this installation is a shop window is particularly relevant for the artist as she seeks to challenge notions of display and our tendency to fetishize objects when they are placed in certain environments.